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Should You Worry About Ice On Your Heat Pump?

Weather in Greenville, North Carolina, can bring ice and snow. During these periods, ice can accumulate on your heat pump. This is a different scenario than when an internal problem causes ice to build up on the coils. To prevent damage to your heat pump, it is important to contact your HVAC contractor so that you do not lose heat when you need it most.

Ice Formations Explained

You may see frost or ice on your heat pump from both external and internal factors. When operating properly, your heat pump causes excess moisture to form on the coils. When the temperatures drop, that moisture will freeze or cause frost to build up.

Fortunately, most heat pumps can handle frost and light ice and will go into defrost mode regularly to remove the ice buildup.

Some Frost Is Normal

A little frost on your system is normal. Even if you notice the ice building a bit, don’t panic. Wait a few hours to see if the defrost mode corrects the ice accumulation issue.

Sometimes, in the winter, snow will start to cover your outdoor unit. Generally, snow cover isn’t cause for concern, but you should protect your heat pump if the snow accumulates greatly.

Thick Ice Buildup Is No Good

A little frost accumulation is normal, but what happens when your unit looks more like the inside of a deep freezer? Once you notice thick ice starting to build up on your heat pump, you should pay attention. Ice buildup indicates either that the defrost is not working properly on your unit or that your heat pump is restricting airflow.

The broken defrost and airflow restriction can also lead to additional problems when the ice buildup prevents the system from working properly. It might be difficult for you to tell if the problem is due to the weather or a problem with the heat pump.

If something seems abnormal with your system, our J & J Mechanical, Inc. service professionals are here to help. Call (855) 800-1341 in Kinston or (888) 716-0052 in Greenville to schedule a service appointment.

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