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4 Reasons to Install a Ductless Heating and Cooling System

A ductless heating and cooling system is much less intrusive than traditional HVAC systems. It boasts numerous other benefits. Here are four reasons to install a ductless heating and cooling system in your Kinston, North Carolina, home:

Increase Energy Savings

Ductless heating and cooling systems are smaller than traditional forced-air systems. Therefore, they use less power. Temperature-controlled air flows straight into each room via a wall unit. This translates into no loss of efficiency. In homes with a ductless multi-split system, you can create temperature-controlled zones. This allows you to avoid heating or cooling unoccupied rooms, which further increases energy savings.

No Start-Stop Cycles

A forced-air HVAC system cycles on and off throughout the day. As a result, it consumes a lot of energy. With ductless systems, there are no start-stop cycles because the unit runs continuously. To save energy, it modulates itself to accommodate your temperature preference, meaning it doesn’t have to run at full capacity. If you install a ductless heat pump with a variable compressor, you may qualify for an energy-related certification, like LEED.

Easy and Fast Installation

Ductless systems only require a 3-inch hole in the wall for the conduit. If you prefer, you can have your indoor unit(s) attached to the ceiling. The conduit is very thin and fits nicely between walls, and there’s no need to install ductwork. Ductless heating and cooling is a great option for older homes where a forced-air system would require major remodeling. You can operate your ductless HVAC system within the same day of install.

Multi-Stage Filtration

With a forced-air system, dust and dirt accumulate in ductwork and make their way into your home through air vents. Ductless systems, as their name implies, don’t use ductwork. You can easily pair them with multi-stage filtration, making it easy to maintain healthy indoor air quality.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of installing a ductless heating and cooling system? Contact J & J Mechanical, Inc. today at 855-800-1341.

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