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Do You Know How Your Heat Pump Works?

The nights can get chilly in Kinston, North Carolina. It’s comforting to know that your heat pump is working well in your home to keep your family warm. But do you understand how your heat pump works and why it’s an efficient way to both heat and cool your house? Read on to learn more about how this highly efficient system works.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a mechanical device that transfers heat from one place to another by circulating refrigerant that goes through a process of evaporation and condensation. The beauty of a heat pump is that the heat transfer process works to heat and cool. Instead of having two separate systems, you just need one outdoor unit and one indoor air handler. Heat pumps are very efficient for your heating and cooling needs.

How Heat Pumps Work as Air Conditioners

When the weather is hot, a fan draws warm air from the inside of your house into the ductwork of your system. Refrigerant circulates between the indoor evaporator coil and the outside condenser. As the warm inside air gets pumped over the coils, they absorb heat from the air. The cooled air becomes dehumidified and is pushed back into the home via the air handler. This constant cycle keeps your home cool.

How Heat Pumps Work as Heaters

When it gets cold outside, the process reverses. In heat mode, the outside condenser works as an evaporator, and the inside coil becomes the condenser. Again, the refrigerant circulates through the two systems, only this time the refrigerant pumps the opposite way, from the inside coil to the exterior unit, where it absorbs heat from the ambient air. The warm air then enters your home through the ductwork.

Do you want to take advantage of one of the most innovative HVAC systems around? If you’d like to schedule an appointment to have a heat pump installed in your home, call J & J Mechanical, Inc. at 855-800-1341 today.

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