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How Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel Systems Work

Thinking about investing in a new heating system for your New Bern, North Carolina, home? Consider a Bryant Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel system to enjoy heat pump energy efficiency with the overall economy of a gas furnace.

How a Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System Saves You Money

Bryant’s Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel systems deliver exceptional performance year-round. They rely on a heat pump during the cooling season. When the seasons change, the system provides heating from a gas furnace. This combination of heating and cooling ensures you’re enjoying the most money-saving fuel source no matter the season.

How much you’ll save depends on your home’s size, which model you choose, and fuel source’s pricing and availability. North Carolina residents could see a substantial savings of as much as $800 per year in utility bills. Ask your HVAC service technician for more information on how much you might save.

Choose From Three Energy-Efficient Systems

Bryant currently offers three Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel system models: the Evolution System, the Preferred Series and the Legacy Line.

The Evolution System provides unprecedented control over temperature, humidity, system monitoring, fan speed and more. If you’ve wanted to be in charge of your home’s heating and cooling, the Evolution System was designed for you. Bryant’s Evolution System comes in both 15 and 14 SEER options, both of which are incredibly Eco-friendly.

A more affordable option is the 13-SEER Preferred Series. This Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel system provides up to 30 times more moisture than traditional systems thanks to Bryant’s patented Perfect Heat technology. Since humidity can be quite high in eastern North Carolina, investing in a system that offers this level of humidity control is a smart option.

Finally, Bryant’s Legacy Line comes in two types of refrigerant models: R-22 refrigerant and Puron refrigerant. Puron has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to replace R-22. It’s touted as “the world’s first long-term solution to ozone depletion.” As such, the Legacy Line serves as a flexible, more efficient upgrade over your standard gas or electric heating systems.

Enjoy Conveniently Wall-Mounted Control

With a Bryant Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel system, you control your home’s comfort levels using a wall-mounted control designed to automatically choose the preferred heating source. The company offers three different levels of system performance and control: Evolution Control, Thermidistat Control and Hybrid Heat Control.

With Evolution Control, Bryant makes it easy to control your home’s humidity, temperature and maintenance with straightforward programming, service reminders and accessory monitoring. The unit also features a large back-lit temperature display that’s easy to read. Best of all, programming your wall-mounted control is intuitive thanks to simple on-screen prompts.

Opting for the Thermidistat Control gives you the same benefits with seven-day programming, so you can be more specific about your schedule. This level of control is perfect if you need more precise temperature and humidity regulation. The Thermidistat Control is ideal if your family’s daily schedule tends to fluctuate.

Finally, Bryant’s Hybrid Heat Control provides all the standard thermostat functions you need with seven-day programmability convenience. It’s a good option when you want more than a basic programmable thermostat, but you don’t need enhanced temperature and humidity control like with the Thermidistat option.

Improve Your Home’s Comfort Levels With Bryant

There’s more to managing indoor comfort than just controlling your temperature settings. Indoor air quality, humidity control and ease of use all play a big part in how comfortable you feel in your own home.

As an authorized Bryant dealer and service provider, J&J Mechanical supports comfort initiatives with environmentally friendly options the typical homeowner demands. Choose us to assess your home and offer professional recommendations. We’ll provide you with the best products that will give you and your family peace of mind.

For more information about our HVAC solutions, call J&J Mechanical at 855-800-1341. We’re standing by to meet your home comfort needs!

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