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4 HVAC New Year’s Resolutions to Make This Year

As you’re making your list of New Year’s resolutions, consider how some of your habits impact the HVAC system in your Greenville, North Carolina, home. Resolutions are goals that you make at the start of each new year. Next year, aim to improve efficiency and stop wasting energy on heating and cooling your home. Incorporate these HVAC-related New Year’s resolutions into your goal-setting process this year:

Schedule Annual Maintenance

The first resolution you should make is to keep up with annual maintenance on your HVAC system. During a routine tune-up, your HVAC service technician will inspect the components within your furnace or air conditioning system. If anything isn’t working properly, the service technician can come up with a plan to repair it right away. Failing to maintain a system can lead to major issues that can shorten its lifespan and cost you a lot in extra repairs.

By identifying problems earlier, you can also reduce the risk of a complete breakdown. It’s best to have your air conditioner checked during the early spring and your furnace checked in the fall. If you sign up for a HVAC maintenance agreement , you may qualify for a discount on parts and labor for any required repair services. You’ll also keep up on the necessary maintenance schedule for your unit.

Commit to Filter Changes

Within your HVAC system, you’ll find a filter that serves an important role. The filter helps to remove contaminants from the air before they settle in your ducts and move through the system. When the filter becomes clogs, the unit has to work harder to move heated and cooled air, resulting in energy waste and higher bills. A dirty filter can also lower the quality of the indoor air in your home, which can make your family sick.

Make a resolution to change the filter as often as is recommended by your furnace manufacturer. The filters used in some high-efficiency systems can last up to six months, while you should replace standard filters every month or two.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

When you think about poor air quality, your mind probably jumps to the smog and pollution found outdoors in big cities. However, the quality of the air you breathe indoors could be significantly worse. That’s because we’re constantly breathing air that’s moving through the HVAC system up to several times a day. If you have particles trapped in your ducts or dirt and debris in your home, you may notice allergic symptoms like congestion, sore throats, headaches and eye irritation. These can all indicate a need to improve the indoor air quality.

Changing your HVAC filter regularly is a good first step, but you may need to do more. Think about installing an air purifier that removes contaminants from the air, leaving it clean and healthy for your family to breathe. This IAQ device contains a filter with a higher MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating. It can trap smaller particles, reducing the contaminants in the air. As a result, those with health problems will feel better.

Program the Thermostat

Finally, the last New Year’s resolution to make this year is to program your thermostat properly. Most modern HVAC systems have programmable thermostats that allow you to set a schedule for the times you’re most often at home and away.

By programming your thermostat, you can set a comfortable temperature without having to make manual adjustments, causing the system to cycle on and off more often. When you allow your thermostat to do its job, you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere while reducing energy waste. As a result, you’ll save money every month.

With a new year comes a time to set new goals. Keep this New year’s resolutions and your home will feel more comfortable, save more energy, and be healthier to live in. To keep up with routine HVAC maintenance, call J & J Mechanical, Inc. at 888-716-0052.

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