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Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Service in Kinston, NC

Kinston, NC, was initially incorporated in the mid-1760s. A brief name change in 1833 was used to honor Richard Caswell, the man who first introduced the bill to incorporate the city and who also served as the first governor of North Carolina. However, the name reverted to Kinston in the following year. Through the 19th century, the area experienced growth as local industries included tobacco and cotton trading. Much of the growth slowed after textile production began to shift to overseas markets in the 1960s.

Kinston Demographics

The city of Kinston has been recognized twice with the All-America City Award, an honor bestowed annually upon 10 U.S. communities by the National Civic League. This recognition signifies a sense of cohesiveness and cooperation as citizens work to solve problems and meet the challenges of the day. While 2010 U.S. Census numbers indicate that less than 50 percent of respondents were homeowners, there is excellent stability as nearly 78 percent of residents have lived in the same home for at least one year or more.

The community population recorded in 2010 was 21,677. Of residents over the age of 25, 76.4 percent have graduated from high school while 14.4 percent hold bachelor’s degrees or higher. The median household income in the community is nearly $29,000, and the median price of a home is $103,200.

Education in Kinston

Public education in Kinston is managed by Lenoir County Public Schools. Three high schools, four middle schools and nine elementary schools are available to residents of the county. Additionally, there are private and faith-based education options for children in the area. Lenoir Community College provides local post-secondary studies in a variety of disciplines. As well, residents can consider approximately 22 public and private colleges and universities in a radius of 135 miles from Kinston. These include in-state schools such as Duke University, only 92 miles from the community, and out-of-state options like Virginia State University, 135 miles away.

Activities and Attractions

Kinston offers historic attractions and wonderful activities to interest visitors and residents of all ages. Museums in the area focus on various periods in the community’s history, providing a view into wars and plantations in the city’s early days. Drag strip racing and minor league baseball are also popular options for entertainment. Extensive parks and recreational facilities make it possible to enjoy an active lifestyle inside or out throughout the year.

Local culinary choices range from bakeries and delis to steakhouses and sushi bars. Farmers’ markets provide access to locally grown produce while factory outlets and malls accommodate bargain hunters and shopping enthusiasts. The community provides the charm of a smaller town while allowing easy access to highways and nearby cities.

Kinston Air Conditioning Service

Those living in or relocating to Kinston will find that it is important to have access to a reliable heating and air conditioning service provider, such as J & J Mechanical, Inc. Choosing an excellent contractor in advance of seasonal changes is ideal to ensure that regular air conditioning and heating maintenance is performed on equipment before high usage begins. Because local conditions can be extreme during the winter heating season and the summer cooling season, J & J Mechanical, Inc. provides planned maintenance as an important measure for heading off issues like air conditioning repair.

Unusually cold weather can leave a household in emergency conditions if a heating failure occurs. Humid summer conditions make it a top priority to be sure that air conditioning equipment is functioning according to manufacturer specifications for optimum dehumidification and cooling performance. Being prepared for air conditioning repair needs in advance can make a huge difference during unexpected equipment failures. If you have any questions about air conditioning maintenance or need to schedule an appointment for AC repair, contact J & J Mechanical, Inc. today.

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