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Zoning Your Home: What Are HVAC Dampers?

Your HVAC system in New Bern, NC, depends on several parts to keep it operating. One of these parts you may frequently hear about is an HVAC damper. Learn more about what HVAC dampers are and how they work.

What’s an HVAC Damper?

The damper is a valve component in your system that controls airflow and helps balance it. HVAC dampers are commonly used in homes with two or more stories, and service technicians install them between the main duct supply line and trunk. They’re useful for shutting off airflow to rooms you don’t use often, which increases efficiency.

There’s commonly a lever or screw to open and close them, but they can get covered during renovations. You may need to remove the vent covers or shine a light down the vent to find the dampers. Your HVAC manual should tell you the type of damper you have and where to find it.

Types of HVAC Dampers

The two most common kinds of HVAC dampers are automatic, which doesn’t need adjusting, and manual, which you can operate by hand. You adjust a manual damper by rotating a screw or lever; automatic dampers don’t need adjusting.

A butterfly flat dish damper is another type that homeowners use to reduce fire risk from backflow. Many homeowners in New Bern, NC, prefer louvre dampers because of their strong seal and ability to fit any size duct.

When to Call a Professional

A common issue you may experience with HVAC dampers is they often get stuck or clogged. When dampers get stuck, the unit won’t operate as efficiently, or it will cause other issues.

Sometimes, you can fix this with a degreaser or by replacing the thermostat batteries. However, the issue isn’t always simple, or the dampers aren’t easily accessible.

Contact J & J Mechanical, Inc. so that we can inspect your HVAC system and indoor air quality. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment immediately.

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