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Why is Spring the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance?

In the city of Greenville, NC, we have beautiful springs with pleasant weather. While the weather is mild, it’s a great time to schedule air conditioner maintenance so a trained professional can make sure your system is working correctly. Here are several reasons spring is the best time to schedule AC maintenance:

Allergens are Milder

While allergies can be fierce later, if you schedule an appointment for early spring, you can avoid the tougher allergy season and maintain higher indoor air quality. This is an ideal time to have your system serviced because dust, dander and pollen will be at a minimum. The sooner you schedule AC maintenance, the better your air conditioner will work at cleaning the air inside your home.

Fewer Emergency Calls

During the summer, AC systems tend to go on the fritz because they’re constantly in use. This means that professional HVAC service technicians will be in fairly constant demand for repairs and maintenance. If you schedule your maintenance early, you can avoid this rush altogether. You’ll also reduce the risk of requiring an emergency AC repair yourself.

Catch Issues Early

During a typical maintenance session, your service technician will take an in-depth look at your cooling system so they can spot any issues. They’ll check refrigerant levels, and they’ll also check the condition of the lubricant, air filters and internal fans. Looking inside your air conditioner, they’ll also be able to see if any winter-related issues cropped up that might cause damage or require expensive repairs down the line.

The sooner you schedule your AC maintenance, the better for you and your air conditioner. Waiting too long can cause you to be subject to extended delays. Contact us at J & J Mechanical, Inc. for AC maintenance that’ll help you stay comfortable throughout the summer.

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