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What’s All the Ruckus Coming From Your Air Ducts?

It’s always a little disconcerting to hear strange sounds coming from your air ducts and furnace. Some noises are normal, but others could indicate a serious problem with the ductwork or the furnace in your Greenville home.

Common Furnace Noises

A home furnace will make some noise, but if you hear any of these, call in a qualified HVAC professional to rule out serious and even dangerous problems.

  • Boom! If a booming furnace makes you jump out of your skin, it may be the metal air ducts expanding quickly as they fill with air. But frequent or very loud booming sounds could mean the furnace’s burners are dirty, or gas may be building up due to delayed ignition.
  • Rumble! Rumbling sounds might indicate that the heating element is dirty or that you have a leaky heat exchanger.
  • Screech! If the furnace seems to be possessed by a banshee, you may have a faulty blower motor, belt or bearings.

Common Air Duct Noises

Depending on the shape of your home’s air ducts, you may hear more or fewer, louder or quieter sounds coming from them.

  • Pop! When air ducts fill with air, the metal expands and may make a popping sound. Popping is normal and nothing to worry about.
  • Whistle! A high-pitched whistling or tuning fork noise may indicate a lack of return air flow due to a clogged air filter, closed vents or undersized or poorly designed ducts. It’s a good idea to have this sound checked out to prevent furnace damage due to airflow problems.
  • Rattle, flap! Sounds like you have debris in the ductwork, and having them cleaned will probably yield all manner of items you thought were gone for good.

Preventing Air Duct and Furnace Noise

Annual preventive maintenance will help avoid common duct and furnace noises that result from a dirty system or failing components. A yearly tune-up is essential for system efficiency and longevity, as well as preventing common operating problems.

For more advice about strange HVAC noises, contact the HVAC professionals at J & J Mechanical in Greenville.

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