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3 Ways Your Smart Thermostat Can Save You Money During the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to celebrate with friends and family in your Kinston, North Carolina, home. However, having people staying in your home can increase your energy bills. If you’re away on vacation, there’s no need to waste money heating an empty home. Let’s look at three ways that your smart thermostat can save you money.

Heat Rooms Individually

You may have unused rooms in your home that you normally don’t heat. However, when overnight guests are staying with you, you need to have those rooms warm. With a smart thermostat, each occupant can adjust the temperature according to their preference. And if you still have unoccupied rooms, you can still keep them at a lower temperature. As a result, you can save money by not having to heat the entire house.

Control Heat Remotely

If you’re traveling during the holidays, a smart thermostat can help you regulate the heat in your home with an app you can install on your smartphone. You can lower the temperature of your house when you leave. When you’re about to return home, remotely raise the temperature so your home is warm and cozy when you walk in. You can save money by remotely adjusting the temperature as needed.

Receive Important Alerts

If you’re away and there’s a sudden change in temperature, a smart thermostat can send alerts to your phone. You can then remotely adjust the temperature accordingly to prevent water pipes or faucets from freezing and bursting while away. In addition, you’ll receive alerts such as “loss of heating” if a window or door has been left open or if there’s a broken window allowing warm air to escape.

Once you’re aware of issues while away, you can call someone to have them fixed before they become bigger and more expensive problems. A smart thermostat is a valuable investment for your home that can save you money on energy bills and potentially costly repairs.

For more information on smart thermostats, give J & J Mechanical, Inc. a call today at 855-800-1341. We can arm you with the right HVAC technology that can help you save money during the holidays and beyond.

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