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4 Tips for Keeping Heating Bills Low During New Bern, NC Winters

Winters in New Bern, NC, can reach a chilly 40 degrees, with some days carrying extreme cold and snow. While having a heating system helps maintain cozy temperatures indoors, it also leads to a higher utility bill at the end of every month. Here are four tips to enjoy your heating system at home while keeping utility bills within budget:

Lower Your Thermostat Setting

The simplest solution for saving money on your heating bill is to lower your energy consumption. You can do so by lowering the temperature target that your thermostat needs to hit before it turns off the furnace or heat pump. Remember that dropping your thermostat even a few degrees can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings over time.

Layer Up

Your clothing choices can be as effective in warming you up as any energy-certified furnace or heat pump. Stay warm with thick blankets, thermal leggings, sweaters and sweatpants. You should also avoid walking barefoot around your home as the cold can enter your body from the ground.

Schedule Preventive Heater Maintenance

An inefficient heating system takes longer and works harder to warm your home. Regular tuneups can help ensure your heater runs at optimal levels during the colder months. Preventive maintenance is typically recommended during fall to prepare the unit for the extreme temperature shifts during winter.

Seal All Gaps

Gaps in your windows, door frames and damaged ductwork can lead to heat leaking outside, which means more work for your heating system. Re-apply caulking to these identified gaps and check the weather stripping in your basement and attic to see if you need to re-strip these sections of your home.

Find out more ways you can keep your utility bills low by getting in touch with our trained professionals. Contact J & J Mechanical, Inc. today to learn more about our full suite of HVAC services, including heating maintenance and repairs.

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