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Spring Cleaning and HVAC

Spring is bringing warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels to Kinston, North Carolina. As a result, many homeowners are starting to prepare their HVAC systems for the cooling season. With these spring cleaning tasks, your system will be ready for the hot and humid weather ahead.

Change the Filter

The easiest spring cleaning task for your HVAC system is changing the filter. The cooling system relies on the filter to protect it from dirt, dust and other debris that can enter through the exchanges. When the filter is overloaded with dirt, it can longer function properly, resulting in reduced efficiency throughout the system. Some of the contaminants can also settle in the ducts, worsening the indoor air quality.

If you have people in your home with allergies or asthma, consider upgrading to a HEPA-rated filter. Changing it every month will help keep smaller particles out of the system. If you can’t find or change your filter, an HVAC service technician can help.

Clean the Unit

While you shouldn’t open your central air conditioner and start poking around yourself, there are some light cleaning tasks that you can handle safely. Start by clearing out any debris in or around the outdoor unit. Remove any covers on the unit and use a hose to clean any dirt that might be on the housing. Ensure there’s at least three feet of space around your air conditioner to help maximize efficiency.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Another important aspect of spring HVAC preparation is scheduling your annual maintenance service. Air conditioning manufacturers recommend having a skilled HVAC service technician perform AC maintenance every year. A tune-up should involve testing the air conditioner, cleaning any moving parts, and making sure everything within the system is working properly.

Don’t let a minor issue in your AC system become a major problem this summer. Schedule your annual maintenance today by calling J & J Mechanical, Inc. at 855-800-1341.

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