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Spring Allergens in Our Area and How to Reduce Them in Your Home

The beautiful trees throughout Greenville, North Carolina, provide shade from the summertime sun and beautiful colors during the autumn months of the year. However, these juniper, maple and oak trees are also spring allergens. Here are three actions you can take to identify spring allergens in the area and reduce them in your home:

Close Your Windows

Although a fresh breeze feels good on your skin, it’s better to keep your windows closed. The pollen floats through the relatively big openings in window screens. Once it’s in your home, the pollen triggers your allergy symptoms. Instead of opening your windows, turn on your central air conditioning system. You can even set the system to fan only. The air will be filtered before it passes into your living spaces.

Check Local Pollen Counts

Before going out, check the local pollen forecast. You can find out which spring allergens are at high levels. If you know what you’re allergic to, adjust your schedule. On a day with high tree pollen, exercise inside instead of going for a jog outdoors. If you go outside, take a shower and change your clothes as soon as you come in, as this will wash the pollen off your body.

Change Your Air Filter

One of the most important actions to take is changing your air filter regularly. The dust, pollen and other allergens build up, clogging the filter’s pores. A dirty filter isn’t as effective at cleaning your home’s air. Change the filter every 30 to 60 days.

Our service technicians change air filters and offer other essential services that aim to improve the health of your home’s air supply. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will also help lessen the amount of allergens in your living spaces. For more information about managing your home’s indoor air quality and reducing spring allergens in your home, contact J & J Mechanical, Inc. today.

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