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Signs It Might Be Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

It is very likely that at some point you will need to consider replacing your air conditioner. The time to start planning for it is before you actually need it. Replacing an AC on an emergency basis when it goes belly-up during a summer heat wave can be very frustrating. It will be harder then, to get the best deal or even priority service. Considering the costs associated with a new AC purchase, you may prefer to keep the old one as long as possible, but the signs that it is time to replace an air conditioner are really ones you should not ignore.

Signs a Replacement is Due

  • Age. The average service life expectancy of a central AC is 12 to 15 years—depending on care and usage. If your existing air conditioner was installed before you bought the home, you may not know its age. Note the model and serial numbers—usually affixed to the outdoor component of the system—and contact customer service to find out the date of manufacture.
  • Frequent repairs. Most AC components are engineered with similar expected service life. Replacing expensive components like the compressor is seldom financially justified in a unit older than ten years. When the total repair expense starts to become significant, cutting your losses and upgrading to a more efficient unit is the best option.
  • Hot/cold spots. Performance issues, including inconsistent cooling, are often experienced with older units. When poor performance in an older unit cannot be traced to other causes such as ductwork, it probably means it’s time for it to be replaced.
  • Humidity. Reducing household humidity is an important function of the “conditioning” part of air conditioning. A worn-out system is less efficient at removing humidity from the air, and indoor comfort suffers as humid air is harder to cool.
  • Noise. A worn, older system often “short-cycles”—turning on and off frequently with the noticeable sounds of starting and stopping in the vents. Older parts will require more effort to get the AC going.

Expert Care Makes a Difference

For more tips on the best time to replace an air conditioner, contact the professionals at J&J Mechanical, Inc. at (855) 800-1341. Our team of qualified technicians can provide you with excellent support to increase comfort and efficiency in your Kinston home or business.

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