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The Right Window Treatments Can Save You Energy Dollars

window treatmentsWindows are an important aspect of the home’s envelope, providing beauty as a design element and allowing light to infuse the living spaces. However, windows generally aren’t energy efficient, and they’re responsible for a substantial amount of heat gain/loss. If you would like to keep more energy dollars in your pocketbook and enjoy greater comfort in your Greenville area home, read on to see which window treatments would be suitable for your design project, new home or home-efficiency upgrades.

Types of Window Treatments

Windows allow or promote heat gain/loss by solar heat gain from the sun, heat transfer by conduction and heat movement through air leaks around window frames. When you’re selecting window treatments, consider the amount of light transmittance and resistance to heat gain/loss, in addition to your style and design preferences.

  • Drapes are available in wide variety of colors, materials and densities. They may be used in combination with other treatments, such as sheer or traditional curtains and blinds, and may be designed in layers to adjust lighting and privacy as desired.
  • Shades can be elegant, bold or anywhere in between. Accordion-style pull-down shades are available in a variety of styles and densities for varying light infusion into the home. Simple blackout shades work well with smaller windows. Go “green” with woven and bamboo shades made of sustainable materials.
  • Blinds allow you to adjust light and privacy as desired. Available in vertical or horizontal, small slat blinds block light more effectively, while wider slats typically offer better aesthetics.
  • Shutters and storm panels deliver well for curbing up to one-half home’s heat loss during the heating months, in contrast to drapes, shades and blinds that are designed to block solar heat gain during the cooling months. Shutters and storm panels are available for interior or exterior installation and also offer extra security and an element of exterior design.

If you notice drafts or uneven temperatures in your Greenville area home, seal up windows with weatherstripping and caulk, in addition to window treatment upgrades. For more information about window treatments and home efficiency, please contact J & J Mechanical today.

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