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3 Reasons Your Ductless System Leaks Water in New Bern, NC

Discovering water coming from your home’s ductless AC system in New Bern, NC can create worry about a potential breakdown, water damage to your home and major repair bills. However, an HVAC service technician can easily diagnose the problem and address the common causes of a leaking ductless air conditioner. Let’s learn about the three possible reasons your ductless AC system leaks water.

Air Filter Is Dirty

Your ductless AC system’s coils freeze when they’re excessively dirty, and the air filter plays a key role in keeping the coils clean. When the coils warm up again, the frozen water melts and puddles on the floor or streams down the wall. Keeping your ductless AC system’s air filter clean with regular maintenance service minimizes the likelihood of frozen coils and related leaks.

Clog in the Condensate Line

With regular use of a ductless air conditioner, debris builds in the condensate line and eventually can create a clog. When this happens, the clog blocks moisture in the line and the water flows into the drain pan. Eventually, the drain pan water overflows. The resolution is to schedule a comprehensive ductless AC system cleaning to remove the clog.

Damage to the Drain Pan

Ductless AC system drain pans may rust after several years of use, and this damage allows them to leak water. In some cases, a cracked drain pan leaks water. Replacing the damaged drain pan during a ductless AC system repair service remedies the problem, and routine maintenance helps prevent this issue in the future.

While a leaking ductless AC system is stressful, a professional HVAC service technician can easily diagnose and resolve the cause. Our NATE-certified service technicians have experience with all systems and provide excellent customer service. If your ductless AC system leaks water in New Bern, NC, schedule your
repair service
with J & J Mechanical, Inc. today.

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