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3 Reasons to Control Your Home’s Humidity in Kinston, NC

High humidity can make a world of difference in your comfort level. Anyone who has lived in Kinston, NC, for a summer knows how uncomfortable the mix of heat and humidity can get. That often becomes all too clear in the electric bills during peak summer months. Here’s how controlling your home’s humidity can make a lasting impact on your indoor comfort:

Comfort is Key

The difference between a cool 70 degrees and a damp 70 degrees comes down to the moisture in the air. The more humid your home, the less comfortable you feel in the summer months. The reason for this is that your body’s perspiration doesn’t evaporate as quickly as it does when lower humidity takes moisture out of the air. When left with the option of being less comfortable or turning the air conditioning down a few more degrees, most people opt to drop the temperature, which increases their power bill.

Cost Comes Into Play

Pulling some of the moisture out of the air is likely to save you money over the summer. Not only will you likely not need the temperature as low to be comfortable, but your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. The same moisture in the air that keeps you uncomfortable in your home is creating extra work for your air conditioner.

The near-constant running of an AC system will cost more energy, and it’ll wear it down more quickly. HVAC service professionals can provide an array of services to ensure your unit is operating at peak efficiency.

It’s Not Just a Summer Issue

High humidity may keep you feeling hotter in the summer, but lack of it will make you feel colder in the winter. As humidity naturally drops in the winter, it can make temperatures feel more frigid than they are. The same 70-degree point that had you feeling sticky in the summer can be uncomfortable for the opposite reason in the winter, so you may want a humidifier to help keep you at ease in the cold winter months.

Finding Balance

To keep yourself comfortable and provide some needed ease on your checking account, consider incorporating a humidifier and dehumidifier into your current HVAC system. These units will help make the humid North Carolina summers a lot easier on you while indoors and the snap colds of the winter a lot cozier too.

At J & J Mechanical, Inc., we pride ourselves on making our customers’ homes as comfortable as they can be. To schedule an appointment with a maintenance professional, give us a call today today.

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