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3 Most Common Thermostat Issues that Impact Comfort and Efficiency

Did you know you can trace many problems with your HVAC system to the thermostat? As your system’s control center, the thermostat is what signals it to turn on or off in your Kinston, North Carolina, home. Take a look at your thermostat to determine if it’s suffering from one of these common problems:

Incorrect Placement

In order to function correctly, a thermostat needs to be installed in a central location away from areas where the temperature fluctuates. For example, placing it in a drafty location can give false readings of low temperatures. As a result, it’ll cause your heater to run continuously.

A professional can relocate the thermostat to a central location away from direct sunlight, drafts, outside doors and appliances that give off heat. This will give the most accurate reading of indoor temperatures and help your system to maintain an even temperature throughout your home.

Power Problems

If your thermostat loses power, it can cause your system to stop working. Check it to see if it has power. If not, it could be because of the battery, a fuse or the circuit breaker.

It also could be a wiring issue. Old wiring, loose connections, and disconnections can cause your thermostat to lose its connection to your system. If you suspect a wiring issue, consult with a knowledgeable HVAC professional.

Old Thermostat

Older thermostats are less efficient and can cause uneven temperatures inside your home. If yours has been calibrated wrong, it’ll detect the wrong temperature and give the wrong commands to your system. Miscalibration can also lead to other problems like short cycling and high energy bills.

Replacing it with a newer programmable or smart thermostat not only gives you unparalleled control over your climate system. It also saves energy and money.

The professionals at J & J Mechanical, Inc. can diagnose and fix any HVAC problems you may experience. As a result, you can live comfortably year-round. Give us a call today at 855-800-1341 to set up a consultation!

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