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Installing a New Air Conditioner? 4 Factors To Consider

When you browse new air conditioners, the efficiency rating probably stands out as the most important way to save on operating costs. However, installing an air conditioner improperly could compromise performance and decrease efficiency by as much as 30 percent. To get the most from your investment, ensure you hire an installer who focuses on four key factors.


You can use rules of thumb such as square footage and climate for a ballpark guess in the early shopping stage, but once you get serious about installing an air conditioner, have a contractor conduct formal load calculations to ensure you install equipment of the proper size.

Sizing is so important. An undersized unit can’t keep up when the temperature climbs outside. On the other hand, oversized unit cycles on and off too frequently, which consumes more energy, causes wide temperature fluctuations and fails to dehumidify the space.


It doesn’t matter how efficient your new air conditioner is; if the ducts leak, your bills will go up. While installing an air conditioner, the contractor should check for and seal ductwork leaks using metal tape or duct mastic. Tight ducts send cooled air right where it’s needed.


Manufacturers establish ideal flow rates for their products, which contractors follow when adjusting airflow through a recently installed HVAC system. Inadequate airflow leaves your home without enough cool air and could cause the evaporator coil to freeze up. High enough airflow is needed to transfer and absorb heat, but too much airflow causes the motor to work overtime. The right amount of airflow allows for the most efficient performance possible.


While many air conditioners are charged when they leave the manufacturer, it’s important to double check. Both over- and undercharged systems can decrease efficiency and put extra wear and tear on the equipment. A proper charge from the beginning sets up your air conditioner for success.

For more information about installing an air conditioner, check out J & J Mechanical, Inc.’s installation services or call us at (855) 800-1341. We’ve served Greenville, Kinston and New Bern since 1988.

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