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How You Benefit From an HVAC Maintenance Agreement in Kinston, NC

A residential HVAC system requires routine maintenance for optimum operation and efficiency. For this reason, homeowners in Kinston, NC, prefer annual maintenance service agreements for their heating and cooling systems. Here are three ways that annual or long-term maintenance plans can benefit you:

Increases the System’s Useful Life

Firstly, different manufacturers have different lifespan labels on their products. However, even the best and most reputable brands can wear out if the owners don’t take good care of them. An HVAC maintenance agreement ensures that regular checks take place.

During maintenance sessions, HVAC professionals make sure all components of your system are functioning efficiently. This prevents sudden breakdowns of your system and prolongs its life. An extended service plan can save you the pain of purchasing a new system prematurely.

Lowers Energy Bills

After prolonged use, your system will have dust and dirt buildup in the ducts and air filters. Consequently, it’ll need to work harder to maintain good indoor air quality, thereby using more power.

A maintenance agreement ensures your system of regular attention. Fortunately, cleaning is one of the roles outlined in most contracts. Eliminating dirt allows your system to use the right amounts of energy, thus lowering its cost.

Makes Warranty Claims Easier

Finally, your system may suffer damage that requires a warranty for replacement. The manufacturer will need proof that the failure resulted from a manufacturing defect or faulty component, not your negligence. One of the ways to validate your warranty claim is by providing a record of proper inspection.

An HVAC maintenance agreement requires the contractor to keep a detailed description of services offered in a document. That information can make it easier to obtain a warranty claim. As a result, you can enjoy peace of mind.

To find more about our heating and cooling maintenance agreements, give us a call at J & J Mechanical, Inc. today. We provide all types of HVAC services for Kinston residents, including repairs, installations and replacements.

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