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4 Heat Pump Sounds That Should Worry You in Kinston, NC

While heat pumps will make a noise when they start up and shut down, you should never hear too much during normal operation. If you start hearing sounds while your system is working to control the climate in your Kinston, NC, home, these indicate trouble. The following sounds mean that your heat pump is in trouble and needs immediate attention:


If you hear grinding noises, you need to have your motor bearings cleaned, as this is usually a sign of dirt and debris buildup. If your system gurgles while it runs, you need to have an HVAC professional recharge your refrigerant because these sounds indicate low refrigerant levels.


Sometimes, vibrating noises are indicative of loose panels. You can solve this problem easily by tightening some screws. If your system panels are firmly in place and you continue to hear vibrating sounds, you have a more severe problem, such as issues with your air handler or an overly tightened coolant pipe.


If you hear banging and clanking when your heat pump is running, you likely have a problem with your fan. If tree limbs and other debris get into the top of your heat pump’s outdoor unit, they can bend the blades or throw them out of balance. That’s why scheduling heat pump maintenance is so critical to your system’s performance.


If you hear screeching noises, you have a problem with your compressor. There’s either a significant pressure buildup or your compressor is on the brink of failing.

If you notice any one of these sounds while your heat pump is running, don’t put off getting help. Call on J & J Mechanical, Inc. for all your heating and cooling needs to ensure your HVAC system continues to keep you comfortable while operating efficiently.

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