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4 Furnace Odors You Should Worry About in Greenville, NC

You expect the furnace in your Greenville, NC, home to circulate clean and warm air. If the heating system produces unusual odors that overwhelm you, it’s likely a warning sign of an underlying problem. Hire an HVAC service technician to inspect your heating system if you notice any of these unusual furnace odors:

Musty Smell

If you start your furnace and notice a musty smell, it could be a warning sign of biological growth on the coil or ducts. You may have to hire a service technician to inspect and clean your furnace and eliminate the source of the smell. Duct cleaning is also necessary to eliminate musty furnace odors.

Dusty Smell

If you smell dust after firing up your furnace at the beginning of winter, it’s a sign of dust accumulation in the system. Dust builds up in your furnace all summer long, explaining why you notice a dusty smell after turning it on during wintertime. The funky smell goes away as the components get hot and burn off the dust, but it’s best to hire a service technician for heating maintenance services anyway.

Rotten Egg Smell

Is your gas or propane-powered furnace producing the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur? If so, it could indicate a gas leak. Gas leaks are dangerous because they can result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, it’s best to turn off your furnace to avoid further damage and avert possible risks as you wait for a professional to fix the issue and restore safety.

Dirty Sock Smell

The smell of dirty socks from your furnace could indicate bacteria buildup in the coils. You can eliminate the smell of dirty socks from your furnace through a professional cleaning. We can complete a thorough cleaning of your heating system and maximize its efficiency.

An experienced HVAC service technician can help if your furnace produces any of these smells. Regular furnace tuneups can prevent these smells from occurring and improve efficiency. Call J & J Mechanical, Inc. for affordable preventative maintenance to keep your furnace operating optimally.

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