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3 Furnace Noises That Should Worry You

When the weather gets cold in Greenville, North Carolina, your furnace may begin chattering. Some noises are typical and shouldn’t cause concern, while others mean there’s a problem. Here are three furnace noises to listen for and what they mean:

Banging Noises

Banging noises are rather common in furnaces as the air ducts expand and contract. However, if you hear these noises grow louder or notice popping sounds, it could indicate issues with your furnace. The sounds could be due to too much gas in the chamber when the gas ignites, which leads to small explosions outside the combustion process. Not only will this produce stress on your equipment, but it can also cause major damage. Therefore, you should have it repaired right away.

Screeching Noises

If you hear a screeching sound coming from your furnace, there’s a good chance you have a problem with the motor bearing or bad belt. The motor bearing may require a special lubricant to help it move freely, while a bad belt will need changed before it destroys the blower. Leave working on your furnace’s motor or changing the belt to the professionals because it can be dangerous or lead to further problems.

Scraping Noises

When there’s a problem with the blower wheel, you’ll likely hear scraping noises that sound like metal rubbing together coming from your furnace. The noises can be due to a blower wheel that has become loose, a broken blower wheel or a broken motor mount. All of these problems can quickly lead to significant wear and tear on your furnace. A service technician should fix the issue before further damage occurs.

It’s normal for your furnace to make some sounds. But if you hear these furnace noises, contact the experts at J & J Mechanical, Inc. Our service technicians can evaluate your furnace, provide checkups and service your equipment so that it runs smoothly year-round.

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