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Easy Ways to Prep Your House for Winter

It won’t be long before frosty winter days and nights arrive in Kinston, North Carolina. As a homeowner, you may be wondering what you need to do to get your home ready for colder days. There are several simple tasks you can do to prep your house for winter weather.

Prep Your Doors

Making sure your doors are sealed is an easy way to cut down drafts. Check around the door for light between it and the frame. If you see light along the side or top, replace the weatherstripping.

Light along the bottom means you need a new door sweep. Just make sure your doors open and close easily afterward.

Prep Your Windows

Lock all the windows for a tighter seal. Cover windows with plastic, especially north-facing windows.

If you still feel air coming in, caulk around the frame. Buy insulating draperies, and open them during daylight hours to take advantage of the sun’s warmth. Close them at night to trap heat.

Prep Your Attic

Make sure your attic has enough insulation and that it’s the proper thickness. Check all vents and pipes leading outside for spaces that need filling. Add insulation around your attic’s access door to prevent hot air from escaping.

Prep Your Thermostat

Install a programmable thermostat to increase energy savings. A programmable unit will lower the heat at night and when you’re gone to avoid wasting energy.

Smart thermostats allow you to monitor your home from work or while you’re out. They also monitor trends and make recommendations to increase savings.

Set a temperature and leave it. It’s tempting to boost the heat and then turn it down, but this actually wastes energy. If you’re chilly, put on a sweater or cover up with a blanket for a bit.

Prep Your Furnace

Replace your furnace filters at least once a month. Have your furnace ducts inspected and cleaned regularly. Make sure to have your furnace tuned up, too, so it works properly and safely all throughout the season.

Call J & J Mechanical at 855-800-1341 for any concerns about your heating system. Our service technicians are glad to answer questions or schedule a service call.

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