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Changing Your Air Filter Is Important to HVAC Efficiency and Your Health

Do you want to keep your Greenville, North Carolina, home smelling fresh while maximizing HVAC efficiency? If so, regularly change your air filter. Filtering the air in your home is an important job, and it requires some occasional attention on your part. Often overlooked, the simple act of changing an HVAC air filter can make a tremendous difference to your indoor air quality. Here’s why you should regularly change your air filter:

Reduce System’s Workload

With a dirty filter, an HVAC system has to work harder to perform the tasks of heating and cooling your home. This puts an unnecessary strain on motors and automated components. As a result, it can cause untimely repairs or even reduce the life of your system.

Changing the filter every 30 to 90 days is essential to maintaining an HVAC system. Filter performance and lifespan are greatly affected by both internal and external conditions. Roads, agriculture, industrial activities and other factors can all reduce filter efficiency over time.

Lower Operating Costs

If your system doesn’t work as hard, it doesn’t have to draw as much energy. And that means saving money. A clogged air filter requires more energy and longer operating times for the fans to push air through the system. As a result, it drives up energy costs and strains the system.

Maintain Good Air Quality

You and your family deserve good indoor air quality in your home, and your HVAC system can help deliver it. A clean filter means cleaner air. As a result, you’ll enjoy fewer odors and pollutants in your home, and you’ll reduce asthma and allergy symptoms throughout the year.

Do you have questions? Knowing exactly when to change the air filter for your system and conditions can be as easy as giving us a call at 888-716-0052. At J & J Mechanical, Inc., we’re dedicated to fast, reliable service for your best health and comfort.

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