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Benefits of Having a Humidifier In Your Home When the Temperatures Rise

You’re likely already familiar with why people use humidifiers during cold weather. However, dry air can be present when the weather is warm, too. Here are five ways having a humidifier in your home benefits you during rising temperatures in New Bern, NC.

Improves Breathing, Skin and Hair

A humidifier in the home helps you breathe better. By releasing cool mist into the air to lubricate your nasal passages, sinuses and throat, mucus that would otherwise get stuck moves through your nose.

It also adds moisture to your skin and hair. Even for people who are already sick or suffer from dry skin and hair, a humidifier reduces their symptoms.

Discourages Viruses and Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria thrive in air that’s too dry. You then easily catch the pathogens from the air and nearby surfaces and are much more likely to become sick.

A humidity level above 40% quickly reduces the flu virus present in the air, making it far less infectious. For people who are already sick with the flu or other illnesses, a humidifier helps them recover faster. It also greatly reduces the risk of recurrent illness from continued exposure to pathogens.

Makes Young Children Feel Better

Young children have immune systems and bodies that are still developing. For this reason, they’re more vulnerable to illness.

They also experience discomfort from dry air and will have sleep issues, a dry nose, dry skin and dry hair as a result. But with a humidifier improving indoor air quality, they can breathe easier and feel comfortable physically.

Reduces Asthma and Allergies

People with allergies or asthma are sensitive to small particles in the air. Many of those particles, like dust and pathogens, thrive in humid air and make breathing difficult.

Symptoms of allergies or asthma include dry eyes, dry noses, nosebleeds and wheezing. A humidifier discourages small particles from accumulating so that people with allergies or asthma don’t experience triggers as often.

Helps Plants and Your Home Last Longer

Wallpaper is less likely to crack and furniture lasts longer with proper humidity levels. Plants live longer, too.

If you’re experiencing dry air when temperatures rise, having higher humidity will benefit you and your home in New Bern, NC. Check out the humidifiers and indoor air quality services we offer at J & J Mechanical, Inc. and give us a call.

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