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3 Affordable Ways to Prevent Mold

Mold is a common and frustrating household problem that can pose health issues and cause costly home damage. Homeowners in Greenville, North Carolina, should be prepared to prevent mold in their homes year round. Here are three affordable ways to prevent mold that are both effective and budget friendly.

Dry Moisture Immediately

Mold can grow anywhere it has enough moisture. This includes beneath carpets, near dryers, around dishwashers and behind refrigerators.

If you notice any damp spots in your house, it’s best to dry them immediately. You don’t want to leave any moisture for longer than 24 hours — this is creating an easy environment for mold to grow in.

If it’s standing moisture, use a towel to wipe down the area and try to find the source to prevent it from building up again. You can dry spills or other dampness in the carpet using a hair dryer.

Ventilate Your Home

Proper ventilation not only helps improve indoor air quality but it also makes it more difficult for mold to flourish. Stagnant air carries a lot of moisture naturally, whether from the people inside your home or leakage from outdoors.

Ventilation replaces the stagnant indoor air with fresh outdoor air. It’s particularly important for rooms that often have damp air like bathrooms and kitchens. In environments where mold can grow, ventilation can help prevent it.

Monitor Humidity Levels

As previously mentioned, humidity is mold’s best friend. It’s important for homeowners to monitor their home’s humidity levels and make sure they don’t surpass 60 percent.

Investing in a dehumidifier can help ensure you have appropriate humidity levels during the summer, and a dehumidifier can help balance them out in the winter.

If you want to install a ventilation system in your home to prevent costly repairs related to mold damage, contact J & J Mechanical at 855-800-1341. We’re here to help you stay comfortable and healthy.

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