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4 Tips for Better Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is an annual routine that helps prepare your Greenville, North Carolina, home for the season ahead. Standard tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning out closets are a good place to start, but there are many things you can do to go above and beyond these ordinary cleaning jobs. Make sure that you are getting your home as fresh as possible by incorporating these smart spring cleaning tips into your routine.

Clean Your Upholstery

Perhaps your furniture cleaning is limited to dusting. You can go a step further and improve this part of your spring cleaning by vacuuming your seats and cushions or steam cleaning your upholstery. A steam cleaner can help kill dust mites and remove dirt, germs, and body oil from your chairs.

Wipe Down Woodwork

The typical dusting routine is often confined to just the most obvious surfaces, but these aren’t the only places that dust and dirt can settle. Take a look at the vertical woodwork around your home and you might be surprised at the buildup you find there. Carefully wipe down all your trim, including door and window frames and any molding around your rooms. The more dust you clean up now, the less you’ll have circulating around the house this spring.

Change Your Filters

It’s easy to forget unseen filters, but they need regular care and attention to perform their jobs well. You should change your HVAC filter once every one to three months for optimum results. Change the filter in your vacuum cleaner regularly as well. The frequency will depend on how often you vacuum and how well your vacuum stands up to particular challenges like children or pets.

Inspect Your Fans

Cast your eyes upwards and make sure you’re giving your ceiling fans proper attention during spring cleaning. Wipe down each fan blade as well as the central unit so you’re not spreading dust as you enjoy the wind chill effect of the fan in the warmer months.

For more tips on keeping a clean home and maintaining good indoor air quality, contact J & J Mechanical, Inc. today, at (888) 716-0052.

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