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3 Ways to Prevent HVAC Failure That Won’t Cost a Dime

These days, HVAC systems are top notch, but you pay a high price for that quality. For this reason, it’s important to ensure our HVAC systems won’t break down on us–especially mid-summer. How can we take care of our systems so that they last? Here are some fool-proof methods to keep your HVAC system working long into the future without costing a dime. 

Give Your HVAC System A Vacation

This may surprise you, but HVACs need a break, too. Whenever possible, shut off your system’s power. Looking at the external system, you should be able to find the exterior shut-off switch. On the inside, you can find the on/off switch on the breaker box.

Clean Your Filters

You’d be surprised how much dirt and dust can contaminate the HVAC filter. Not only do you want to prevent the circulation of unhealthy contaminants, but a cleaner HVAC will mean it doesn’t have to work so hard to circulate the air. To clean it out, remove the cage of the compressor. You might have to use some tools to open the cage area. Use a cloth or vacuum to get the gunk out. You might see leaves and dirt in there, too.

Wipe and Straighten the Fins

This concept is not widely known, but those small separators in the cage, known as fins, can get layered with dirt, which can also effect your system. Spray them down thoroughly to get them super clean. You also want to straighten them out to ensure they are bringing in as much air as possible. Be careful when you do this, since these parts can be delicate.

If you work hard to clean and care for your system, then your HVAC can truly be sustainable. If you need expert advice or regular maintenance work on your system, contact J & J Mechanical at 855-800-1341.

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