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6 Ways to Save Money With Enhanced HVAC Energy Efficiency

Your home’s HVAC system plays a huge role in the cost of your energy bills. Did you know that adjusting the temperature by as little as 3 to 5 degrees can save you as much as 15 percent on your energy expenses? Changing your air filter, scheduling preventative maintenance, and cleaning around the outdoor unit are three effective ways to save money in Greenville, North Carolina. Read on to learn more ways to save money with enhanced HVAC energy efficiency.

Change Your HVAC System’s Air Filter

The HVAC unit’s air filter needs changing at least once every 45 to 60 days to maximize energy efficiency. Some people think the filter only needs changing when running the air conditioner. However, improving airflow throughout the home during the cooler months is equally as important. Therefore, it’s imperative to change the filter when operating the furnace as well.

Pet dander, dirt, dust and other debris can quickly clog an air filter, minimizing the efficiency of the HVAC unit. Change the filter at least once a month if you have indoor pets. This not only increases energy efficiency but improves indoor air quality by reducing airborne allergens.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Many of today’s modern HVAC systems come with a built-in programmable thermostat. This type of accessory allows you to set a heating and cooling schedule that complements your lifestyle. More importantly, it enhances energy efficiency and helps you saves money. That’s because, if you use the thermostat correctly, you can easily set it to adjust your home’s temperature based on whether you’re home or not.

You can save about 3 percent on your energy bills for every degree that you adjust the temperature. For example, during the winter time, lowering the temperature by 5 degrees while you’re sleeping can save about 15 percent on energy expenses. Increasing the temperature during the warmer months by 3 degrees can save about 9 percent on energy bills.

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Many HVAC specialists agree the single most important tip you can follow to lower your energy bills is to invest in preventative maintenance. In fact, many of them tell clients to view this type of maintenance as an investment rather than an expense.

Preventative maintenance ensures your HVAC unit runs at peak efficiency. It also enhances comfort levels in the home. During a maintenance visit, your HVAC contractor will be able to pinpoint and repair small problems before they become large and costly.

Don’t Forget About the Coils

The coils on the outdoor unit need cleaning regularly. But this is a task many homeowners don’t feel comfortable doing themselves.

A professional HVAC contractor has the knowledge needed to clean these coils. As the fan on the outdoor unit sucks air in, it also pulls in dirt, dust, and debris, which then builds up on the coils. Having the coils cleaned will ensure the unit can run more efficiently.

Clean Around Your Supply Vents and Registers

If you have a central HVAC system, the air it produces will flow through ductwork and registers before reaching individual rooms. If there’s any type of blockage in the ductwork or registers, it reduces energy efficiency and impacts comfort levels in your home. Use a damp cloth to clean around your supply vents and registers. If you notice a lot of dust and debris, consider hiring a professional to clean your ductwork.

Clear Debris Around the Outdoor Unit

You should create at least a two-foot clearance around the outdoor unit. This means if any trees, shrubs, flowers, or tall grass are within this two-foot clearance, you should trim or move them. Keeping this area clean is vital because it minimizes the amount of debris that the fan pulls in.

Saving money isn’t hard when you practice ways to enhance your HVAC energy efficiency. J & J Mechanical, Inc. specializes in quality HVAC installation and preventative maintenance services. Contact us today at 888-716-0052 to schedule your fall preventative maintenance visit.

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