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6 Telltale Signs You Have Heater Issues in New Bern, NC

The heater is one of the most important components of any type of building because it’s responsible for controlling the climate during the cooler months of the year. Although heaters are durable and can last for more than a decade, they can still malfunction and require repairs. As a homeowner, it’s important to know the telltale signs that you have heater issues on your property in New Bern, NC.

Your Energy Bills are Higher

If you notice that your electric bill continues to increase each month, it may be a sign that your heater is suffering from issues as it operates. If the parts aren’t working correctly, it can take longer to get the house to reach the right temperature, which means you’re using more energy than necessary.

Strange Noises Occur

Furnaces are prone to making a lot of noise when they malfunction because the parts aren’t operating correctly. You may hear loud squeaking noises, which may be due to your motor’s bearings.

Rattling noises may also relate to issues with the fan each time it starts to operate. Although older systems can make noises from time to time, consistent sounds that have started up recently signal the need for an inspection by a professional.

You’re Always Adjusting the Thermostat

You may find yourself frequently adjusting the thermostat but failing to achieve the ideal temperature in the building. Heaters need repairs when they struggle to reach the set temperature, especially in some rooms of the house. You may notice that the temperature is higher in some areas than others.

You Notice Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

When heaters begin to have issues, it’s common for the indoor air quality to suffer after a few weeks. You may notice that the house becomes stuffy or looks hazy.

Other times, a lot of dust and dirt can circulate, which means having to wipe the furniture and countertops more frequently. Some family members may also suffer from allergies or respiratory issues as they spend time in the home.

Before calling, change the filter, which may be causing the issues. When filters have too much dirt, the grime circulates back into the atmosphere and can affect the air quality. If the issue persists with a new air filter, it’s time to call a professional to perform an HVAC inspection.

The Burner Flame is Yellow

If the heater’s burner flame is yellow, carbon monoxide is present in the building. The flame should be blue; otherwise, it indicates a problem with the appliance.

If there’s too much carbon monoxide present, it could affect the health and safety of your household, making it an immediate issue to address with a qualified professional. Carbon monoxide issues can also be present if you or a family member suffers for several weeks at a time from flu-like symptoms that subside when spending time outside of the house.

The Heater Short Cycles

Issues may be present with your heater if it turns on and off intermittently, which can make it difficult to maintain a consistent temperature in each room. The heating system may have an underlying issue when the heat exchanger overheats.

The operation shuts off and then turns back on again once the part cools down, which can place excess wear on the parts. Contact a professional to perform the necessary repairs to prevent the appliance from completely breaking down so that you can stay warm throughout the fall and winter.

Knowing the signs to look for when you think your heater is developing problems is crucial to understanding when it’s time to call an expert into your home to keep you warm. Call J & J Mechanical, Inc. to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals to inspect or repair the HVAC system in your New Bern, NC, home.

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