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5 Misconceptions About Ductless AC Systems in Greenville, NC

With each passing year, ductless air conditioners gain more popularity here in Greenville, NC. Despite that, a handful of misconceptions about ductless AC systems keep some homeowners from choosing them. To correct that, here are five misconceptions about ductless AC systems and the truth about them:

They Don’t Last as Long as Central Air Conditioners

One of the most persistent misconceptions about ductless AC systems is that they don’t last very long. On the contrary, ductless air conditioners can last for up to 20 years with proper maintenance. That’s as long or longer than the average lifespan of a conventional ducted central air conditioner.

Traditional ducted AC systems typically last for around 15 years. With a ductless HVAC system, you get heating and cooling in a single package that lasts for longer.

They’re Not Energy-Efficient

Another common misconception about ductless AC systems is that they’re inefficient. Many people believe this because they’ve heard for years that central HVAC systems offer the highest efficiency available. The facts don’t support that, though.

According to the Department of Energy, ductwork can account for 30% of the energy use of a central HVAC system. This is due to energy loss from convection and air leakage as conditioned air flows through the ductwork. This gives ductless systems a natural efficiency advantage over ducted systems.

Ductless HVAC also offers zoned operation by default. That means you don’t have to pay to heat and cool spaces you’re not using. It also means you can customize the temperature in different rooms for maximum energy savings.

They’re Very Noisy

Ductless AC systems also have an unearned reputation for being noisier than central HVAC systems. This may be because each ductless system relies on in-room air handlers. However, the air handlers of modern ductless systems are quiet enough that you may not notice them running at all.

The outdoor units of ductless systems are also quite quiet. They’re typically smaller than those associated with central HVAC systems. That helps them make comparatively less noise than what most homeowners tolerate from central HVAC systems.

They Interfere With Home Décor

Plenty of people also believe that ductless AC systems require bulky, ugly air handlers throughout your home. The reality is that modern ductless systems rely on sleek, stylish air handlers that fit with almost any décor. While not invisible, these air handlers certainly don’t stand out or harm your home’s style in any way.

For those who don’t want wall-mounted air handlers, there are also recessed ceiling air handlers available. They make the presence of a ductless HVAC system all but invisible to the untrained eye. Some systems also offer low-wall mounted air handlers that look all but identical to radiators.

They Harm Indoor Air Quality

Finally, many people also believe that ductless AC systems lead to poor indoor air quality in homes that use them. In truth, ductless air conditioners have a positive effect on indoor air quality in almost all cases. This is because each air handler has its own air filter, giving the overall system superior air filtration capabilities.

Ductless AC systems also prevent the spread of dust and dirt from one room to another. That’s a common issue with ducted systems, which pull in and redistribute air from your entire home. Ductless systems instead recirculate air from the immediate vicinity of each air handler.

The air handlers of ductless AC systems also have blowers that keep their heat exchangers dry. That gives them the ability to resist mold growth, which further benefits your indoor air quality.

Ductless AC systems offer a viable alternative to traditional ducted air conditioners. Also, they make an excellent fit for Greenville, NC, homes that have ductwork in disrepair. To learn more about ductless air conditioners that can meet your HVAC needs, call J & J Mechanical, Inc. today.

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