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How Can You Maintain Your Home’s Ductless System?

Ductless systems are growing in popularity in Greenville, North Carolina, homes. You need to maintain a ductless system like you would a traditional unit for optimum efficiency. Schedule preventive maintenance and perform simple HVAC tasks in between your professional tuneups.

Replace Your Ductless System’s Air Filters

Ductless systems usually offer better air quality than traditional central air systems. Ducts tend to gather dust that can blow into your home. Furthermore, rodents and bugs can sometimes make their way into your ductwork to find shelter.

With a ductless system, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues. However, that doesn’t mean you can forgo worrying about air quality altogether.

You still need to replace your system’s filters regularly. When you have filthy air filters, your air blows through all that dirt and grime before entering your house. What’s more, the added strain of forcing air past filth is also taxing on your system. As a result, it uses more energy and wears down faster.

Clean the Outside Of Your Ductless System

If you’re buying and installing a new system, make sure you place it in a good location. People try to hide the system, which can prevent it from doing its job correctly.

Newer systems look sleek, and you shouldn’t worry about covering them. They’re also quiet, so you won’t notice yours operating no matter where you place it.

You should wipe your ductless system regularly, too. Pet hair and dust can quickly start to collect on the outside of your system. This dust, dirt and hair look bad, but they also get blown around your house if they sit on your system. That debris affects your indoor air quality.

Schedule Ductless System Maintenance

Even though you should keep an eye on your system, there’s nothing like having a professional perform annual or bi-annual maintenance on your system. If you’re handy, you can handle some small maintenance tasks yourself. But at least once a year, you should schedule a professional to perform preventive maintenance on your system.

The service technician will check all the system’s components to make sure it’s functioning correctly and efficiently. They will replace the filters and clean the evaporator coils and condensing unit. These maintenance checks are valuable to keep your system operating efficiently, protect the warranty on it and detect small issues before they escalate to significant concerns.

Watch for Leaks in Your Unit

Refrigerant leaks are relatively common, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. You’re especially likely to see leaks at the flare connections, which would only need to tighten.
If you spot a leak, a service technician may need to repair or replace the hose. It’s a quick and easy fix for a professional to complete.

It’s important not to ignore leaks or try to fix them yourself. Leaks aren’t too detrimental when caught and fixed fast. But they can turn into serious problems if you try to fix them on your own.

Consider the Electrical Part of Your System

The electricity is an essential component of your ductless system. Ignoring small electrical issues can turn into a major problem. Watch for any frayed wiring with your electrical connections, and stay aware of any signs that your system has short-circuited.

Furthermore, you may want to consider investing in a whole-home surge protector. With the significant investment of your ductless system, you don’t want to risk damaging it if there’s a power surge during a storm or other incident.

If you need to schedule maintenance for your ductless system, we’re the people to call. Contact J and J Mechanical at 855-800-1341 to schedule an appointment today.

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