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4 Benefits of a Spring AC Tuneup in Greenville, NC

All residents of Greenville, NC, understand the importance of keeping a central air conditioner in good working order. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize something is wrong until they crank up their AC system for summer. That’s why it’s smart to schedule an AC tuneup in spring before the heat of summer arrives.

Reduced Cooling Costs

Failing to maintain your central air conditioner will reduce the airflow through your entire system. When air doesn’t flow through the system properly, it has to work harder to cool your home. This means the system runs longer to achieve your desired temperature, which increases the cost to run it.

In properly executed tuneups, a lot of focus is placed on cleaning the areas that commonly cause airflow restrictions. This includes clearing any foliage growth away from the outside unit as well as cleaning the circulating fan blade and the evaporator coils.

An AC tuneup will also check the refrigerant levels in the system. If your system has low refrigerant, it can cause refrigerant lines to freeze. This further wears on the entire system and reduces airflow.

Lower Repair Costs

When a component of the AC system isn’t working as efficiently as it should, the entire unit experiences additional strain. This means that more components will fail faster than they should, leading to more repairs. It also means that repairs come at the worst time, often resulting in premium emergency repair calls.

An AC tuneup will inspect the components of the system looking for signs of wear. This includes the circulating fan, relays, capacitor and contactor. All of these can become loose or may show signs that they’re no longer sending and receiving the right signals. When these components don’t work properly, the system may run irregularly, run longer than normal or fail to engage properly. All of this adds additional strain to the rest of the system.

Likewise, if the refrigerant level is low, it’ll put undue wear on the condenser, the refrigerant lines, and both the condenser and evaporator coils.

In addition to the preventive aspect, our maintenance plans also offer a discounted rate for any repair services. This effectively puts money back in your pocket while also reducing frustration and stress.

Better Air Quality

Along with reduced operating costs, most people notice the change in air quality as well. As air is moved, it picks up whatever has collected on these areas and puts it back in the air. Cleaning the circulating fan and the evaporator coil helps reduce the number of contaminants recirculating through the house.

In addition to the noticeable effect, an AC tuneup also looks for nearly imperceptible but very dangerous air quality issues. The first is checking the system for leaks. If the evaporator coil is leaking, even a small amount, that releases the refrigerant into the circulating air, which you’ll inhale. Catching it early limits your family’s exposure and possible health risks.

Extended AC Service Life

Most high-efficiency central air conditioners will last anywhere from 12-15 years when properly maintained. If the system sustains damage or a part fails prematurely, it can cut that service life if not repaired quickly. In fact, when maintained well, a system may last beyond the intended service life.

J & J Mechanical, Inc. has been serving Greenville and the surrounding areas for decades. Our NATE-certified HVAC service technicians are recognized experts in heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repair. We offer affordable 26-point checkups for your heating and cooling systems. Give us a call to schedule your spring AC tuneup today. We’re here to help you maximize comfort and energy cost savings this summer.

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