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5 Reasons You Need a Whole-House Fan

Summer brings hot weather and high temperatures to Greenville, North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean your home has to feel hot and stuffy, too. If your indoor air feels stale during the summer, learn how a whole-house fan can help your family to breathe easier and also help your HVAC system to run more smoothly.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Most homes today strive to create tight building envelopes. This includes the most efficient sealing around doors, windows, the foundation, and the attic. While a tight building envelope helps your home’s HVAC system operate efficiently and prevents your home from consuming too much energy, it can also cause your indoor air to feel stale, especially when summer temperatures heat up.

A whole-house fan solves this problem by ventilating your entire home, from the attic to the main level. Essentially, this system pulls fresh outdoor air into your home and releases it through the attic, freshening your whole home in the process. Some whole-house fans clear the air at an impressive rate, with some devices changing the air throughout your home 30 to 60 times per hour. That translates to air so clean, you’ll actually smell the difference.

If your home sometimes struggles with air quality problems like pet dander or dust mites, you can rest assured that most whole-house fans also tackle these issues. In addition to expelling air contaminated with these particles, most devices have filters that capture indoor pollutants and prevent them from reentering your air supply.

Greater Comfort Indoors

Staying comfortable indoors isn’t always easy in Greenville, especially when the seasons change from spring to summer. If this struggle sounds familiar, a whole-house fan from J & J Mechanical, Inc. can provide the ideal solution.

As spring changes to summer, the weather can be unpredictable, with high temperatures one day and cool, rainy weather the next. If you’re not ready to set the cooling system for summer yet, turn on your whole-house fan in the morning and evening. When you take advantage of cooler outdoor temperatures at key parts of the day, you can keep your home comfortable without the air conditioner.

Increased HVAC Efficiency

When used alone, a whole-house fan is much more energy efficient than an air conditioner. In fact, the average fan uses just a fraction of the energy of a central cooling system.

When the weather heats up during the summer, however, using a whole-house fan along with your HVAC system can equal even greater efficiency. Most fans pre-condition the air before it reaches the air conditioner, which means the cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home.

Several of our standard models even offer both continuous and intermittent operation. Having the option to choose the setting that works best for your home will keep your HVAC system running efficiently, even at the height of summer.

Easy Installation and Operation

If you’ve ever purchased a new air conditioner or heat pump for your home, you know that the installation process can be complicated, especially when new ductwork is involved. Getting used to the ins and outs of a new HVAC component isn’t always a breeze either.

Fortunately, whole-house fans are easy to install and operate. Available models are designed for quick installation in your attic. A lot has been done to reduce noise from these systems so that you won’t be bothered by how hard they are working to manage indoor comfort.

Lower Summertime Utility Bills

Advanced HVAC components aren’t always easy on your wallet. If you are tired of paying high utility bills from the late spring to the early fall, a whole-house fan is one of the smartest investments you can make.

When operated alone, a whole-house fan uses as little as 10 percent of the energy your air conditioner needs, which translates to huge savings each month. When you use the fan along with your cooling system, the pre-conditioned air it generates will help your air conditioner use less energy.

Are you ready to find out how much better your home feels with a whole-house fan? Call us at J & J Mechanical, Inc. today at (855) 800-1341 to learn more about our indoor air quality services and products.

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