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5 Benefits of Smart Thermostats in the Summer

As the temperatures soar, your air conditioner becomes increasingly crucial to your comfort. However, you don’t want to crank the A/C and risk wasting energy and money. Smart thermostats provide benefits to homeowners in Greenville, NC, particularly with increasing desires to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprints.

A smart thermostat can be programmed to adjust settings based on your preferences. Many models also feature added controls to make your home more energy-efficient.

Control the Thermostat After You Leave the House

The rush to leave the house on time in the morning sometimes consumes so much of your mental energy that increasing the temperature on the thermostat is often the furthest thing from your mind. You can have one less thing to worry about in your morning routine with the help of a smart thermostat because you are actually able to adjust the temperature even when you are away from your home. Most models come with an associated app that you install on your smartphone or tablet.

The ability to control home temperatures remotely is one of the most attractive features of the systems. Used, effectively, this Wi-Fi remote access capability will ensure your home is at the preferred temperature at all times.

Use More Settings

Programmable or smart thermostats can store several settings so that you can adjust your home’s temperature based on your usage patterns or daily routine. For example, you might have specific temperature needs depending on when you awake, are away from home, or sleeping. You might want the air conditioner to run longer on weekend mornings when you are likely to prefer extended sleep hours, but cut off earlier on weekdays when you have an earlier wake up time, and when you are also away from home for much of the day.

Consider factors such as average outdoor temperatures, sleeping patterns, and the comfort preferences of other members of your household. You will also be able to change the settings if you find that a specific temperature does not work for you.

Add Multiple Thermostats

Smart thermostats do not have to work by themselves. You can use multiple programmable thermostats for different areas of your home. For example, your cooling needs for the bedroom might vary from your cooling needs in the kitchen or home office. This can work if you have multiple HVAC units as with zoned systems in which ductless systems are used.

Air duct dampers help to control and direct airflow throughout your house. Since smart thermostats can control those dampers, you can enjoy greater comfort in the rooms you use most, while reducing your energy consumption in other parts of the house.

Detect Motion to Determine When People Are Home

Some homeowners have extremely variable schedules that result in significant inconsistencies in their presence at home, and therefore in their usage of their air conditioning system. Smart thermostats work well for such persons by detecting motion in the home. These motion detectors, like the ones used for security systems, alert the thermostat to cut off the air conditioner if no one is home.

Cool Down Before You Get Home

Nobody likes coming home to a house that feels like a sauna. It can take an air conditioner a while to cool down a home if the temperature was set too high, or if the air conditioner had been turned off. So if you are heading home from a vacation, your smart thermostat is a handy tool that will ensure your home is cool enough when you arrive. There will therefore be no need to leave the air conditioner running while you are away from home, which means you will consume less energy.

Not only does this feature make you more comfortable, but it also prevents illness. Sitting in a hot house for hours can contribute to heat-related problems such as dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Summers in North Carolina can be brutal, but smart thermostats will help to keep you comfortable, efficiently. You will be able to realize savings in energy costs each year, by investing in programmable thermostats.

Contact J&J Mechanical, Inc. for more information about programmable thermostats. Our team has been providing quality service to eastern North Carolina homes and businesses for almost 30 years. Give us a call at (855)800-1341 in Kinston, or (888)716-0052 in Greenville, to learn more about how we can help you save today!

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