Remodeling your bathroom is a relatively easy way to add value to your home, while providing you with a way to showcase your creative juices and taste in interior design. If you decide to renovate the bathroom yourself, however, it’s not always as easy as it seems. Here are just a few tips to guide you for a bathroom remodel in your Greenville, North Carolina, home.

Create a Budget

One of the biggest pitfalls of a bathroom renovation is the lack of a budget. Without making one, you risk overspending and losing the potential value added to your home once you complete the remodel. According to Remodeling Magazine, the average cost of a bathroom remodel is about $10,500, so if you don’t have the capital or a home equity line of credit for that amount, it’s probably not in your best interest. If you do have the money, make sure to create a spreadsheet of costs including labor, parts, and miscellaneous categories. It’s the only surefire way to make certain you don’t overspend.

Hire the Right Contractor

Even if you want to complete the remodel on your own, you may not have the knowledge to complete it without excessive hassle. If that’s the case, consider hiring a contractor to do some of the work. Plumbing, lighting, and HVAC are all aspects you have to deal with, and without a reputable contractor, you could waste valuable time and money.

Don’t Overlook Necessities

It’s easy to pick out bathroom fixtures, tile, and wallpaper that fit your taste, but don’t overlook some of the other necessities, namely ventilation. Some states require bathrooms to have proper ventilation, and even if they don’t, it’s important to pick the right system to remove steam and smells from your bathroom. Without it, you could end up with a bathroom that’s a breeding ground for mold from excess moisture, as well as unsavory odors.

Renovating your bathroom is a fun, exciting project if you do it correctly. If not, it becomes a hassle. Either way, make sure to enlist the help of J & J Mechanical for all your bathroom needs. Call us today at 855-800-1341 .

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