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Bryant Heating and Cooling Greenville, NC

When there is a heating or cooling problem, one of the first items an HVAC service person looks for during diagnosis, is a dirty AC filter. That is because a dirty filter reduces air flow and air flow shortfalls are the cause of a number of common AC and furnace problems. As the AC works, […]

Have you ever looked at your home’s thermostat and found yourself puzzled by the setting options? The thermostat setting you use, whether “on” or “auto” can make a big difference in efficiency and comfort. What Do the Settings Mean? First, it helps to understand that any forced-air HVAC system has two main elements of operation: […]

When you browse new air conditioners, the efficiency rating probably stands out as the most important way to save on operating costs. However, installing an air conditioner improperly could compromise performance and decrease efficiency by as much as 30 percent. To get the most from your investment, ensure you hire an installer who focuses on […]

If you’re shopping for a new furnace, energy efficiency and comfort likely top your list of priorities. A hybrid heat system in our region meets both criteria. Such a system combines all the energy efficiency of a heat pump with a gas or propane furnace. Because temperatures in this region stay relatively mild throughout the heating […]

While most people probably don’t look forward to doing their annual spring cleaning or maintenance chores, it’s an important part of a well-cared-for home. On top of helping you avoid costly repair work, regular care will keep your home looking nice. And certain tasks are designed to improve your home’s comfort level while reducing energy […]