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Heating and Air Conditioning Information

Although it may go unnoticed at first, winter weather has likely affected your Greenville, North Carolina, home in some way. With spring’s arrival, discover a few ways you can clean up winter debris and damage around your home, yard, and HVAC system. Treat Your Lawn for Salt Damage Salt is useful for melting ice on […]

One of the greatest benefits of a heat pump is that it can both heat and cool your Greenville, North Carolina, home. Transitioning from winter to spring isn’t an entirely automatic process, though. Get ready for warmer weather and learn how to prepare your heat pump with basic maintenance for the spring season. Maintain the […]

Considering a modern heating system for your Kinston, North Carolina, home? Today’s furnaces heat your home both comfortably and efficiently. The following are among the most advanced types of heating systems on the market today. Geothermal Heat Pumps Unlike an air-source heat pump that extracts the heat from the air outside your house, a geothermal […]

HVAC system in your Kinston, North Carolina home is a complex, interrelated system of parts that work together to provide heating, cooling, and even humidity control for your indoor living spaces. Here is a brief guide to the parts of the HVAC system and what you can expect each of them to do. Your HVAC […]

If you are looking for areas of your home where you can improve energy efficiency, look no further than the windows. Some 10 to 25 percent of heat loss in the winter occurs through windows, and in the summer heat gain also occurs through windows, either via solar heat or air intrusion. In older homes, […]